What Makes Lawyers Tick?®


We’re LawyerBrain—experts in understanding the lawyer personality. We use this specialized expertise to work exclusively with significant law firms to provide highly tailored services that produce superior results in the following areas:

  • Building Lawyer Resilience:  With my partners, Paula Davis-Laack, and Dave Shearon, we design and teach programs to increase the Resilience skills of lawyers. This contributes to risk management and improves performance, work satisfaction, and engagement, as well as the ability to cope with accelerating levels of change.
  • Facilitation: We facilitate important conversations among partnerships.
  • Crisis Management: We help you repair dysfunctional behavior in firms, committees or practice groups: We fix sagging morale, tension between practice groups, in-fighting, and other problems.
  • Leadership: We design and deliver experiential “Action Learning”-based leadership training that produces measurable improvement in leadership skills.
  • Selection: We use a wide array of assessment tools to help law firms do a better job of selecting talent who are more likely to “fit” the firm’s culture, meet the firm’s standards, and become successful.
  • Managing change: We help firms to introduce new programs, systems, strategies or ways of doing things. We understand the psychology how to get buy-in from highly intelligent, skeptical, autonomous lawyers. We understand “execution”–How to get lawyers to get things done.
  • Building teamwork and teams: Lawyers are not naturally suited to work in teams. We can show you how to use their strengths to make it happen.
  • Motivating lawyers: Most firms are doing it wrong. We can show you how to do it right, based on surprising but powerful behavioral science research. Hint: Be very careful about using compensation to “incentivize” behaviors–there are many hidden traps.
  • Providing feedback: We are experts in designing and administering assessments to lawyers—personality tests, upward reviews, 360-degree feedback, and other tools, and providing sensitive yet impactful feedback to them. Our multi-rater systems are designed from the ground up just for lawyers. We can also test for rainmaking potential, cultural fit, and other behaviors.
  • Keynotes and retreat presentations: Our principal consultant, Dr. Larry Richard, is a sought-after keynote speaker who routinely receives the highest ratings.
  • Training or coaching leaders: We provide individually tailored coaching that makes a difference.
  • Emotional Intelligence programs: We train law firm leaders in how to improve “people” skills that have a significant impact on their overall success.
  • Associate retention programs: We help law firms reduce attrition. We can show you how to increase retention and turn it into high levels of “engagement” using a specially designed “positive psychology” methodology.
  • And other aspects of interpersonal behavior, communication, and talent management for law firms